Get fit… or die trying…

proflex-fitnessHere we go then, I’ll let you know what I have been up to and what has worked and what hasn’t worked.

1st off I have bought a matt so I can work out where ever I am (I travel a lot and often find my self in hotel rooms with time to kill)

I have also cut out all the crap from my diet, I’m not dieting, or starving my self but I’m eating good food and as little rubbish as I can, More fruit – less Chocolate… that sort of thing.

I have also started running and swimming and doing a few weights where I can.

I’ll work out my routine and put it up here and let you know how well I’m doing in the bubble wrap section…


Work out Items :
1 x Floor Mat (Stretches and Yoga)
1 x Yoga DVD and Book (I thought yoga was Easy… How wrong can a man be? Alot if you ask most Ladies)
1 x New Trainers – Needed to stop my legs hurting so much when running.


Update – 20 March 2009

So I’m not dead… I have been doing quite a bit of the things I said I would, I’ve been running, Doing yoga (Although not as much as I would like), riding bike, Golfing and I have cut down loads on the booze and knocked the gear on the head too… and I feel great… I feel better, it’s not happened overnight it’s a steady progress but I’m getting there. I’ll keep updated and maybe even put some pics up…